How Be and the Muffin Builder will reinvent the way you build websites

One of the fastest and most intuitive page builders is an integral part of BeTheme’s’ all-in-one WordPress toolkit. Learn more about how the Muffin Live Builder can transform the way you work.

Page builders have revolutionized the website building process. As is the case with many other WordPress tools, the number of available options can make it difficult to find the best one for your particular needs. 

With BeTheme’s exciting new page builder, your quest may be at an end.

See for yourself how the new Muffin Live Builder tool provides you and other web designers with a more intuitive and faster way to create superior websites for clients:

You have more than likely come across various live editing features in other page builders. But nothing like the way in which they have been placed at your fingertips in this live builder. And in a way that will transform your website building workflows and processes.

Let’s check out five of them.

Muffin page builder features that will change your approach to building websites

At first glance you might think there’s all not that much new about the Muffin Live Builder; but see how it differs from the others. 

1. The Muffin Live Builder is a part of a fully-loaded website builder platform

Finding the right WordPress page builder plugin to work with can be frustrating. One of the problems you may encounter is a need to upgrade to get features you need but are missing. If you are already paying for a premium theme, why would you want to pay even more for an additional design and editing tool?

With BeTheme you don’t have that problem since everything you need, including a premium page builder, is already included in your license: 

  • 600+ pre-built professionally crafted, customizable websites
  • 100+ pre-built section templates you can mix and match
  • 60+ customizable elements
  • The Muffin Builder and Live Builder premium page builders
  • WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, and other premium plugins
  • Top-of-the-line 24/7 support

With BeTheme you have at your fingertips an all-in-one solution for creating WordPress websites that will bring smiles to the faces of your clients or visitors.  

2. BeTheme comes with Pre-built sections you can use to create any type of website to serve any purpose

BeTheme’s pre-built website sections encompass features and functionalities that effectively address the majority of design and content decisions you are likely to be faced with.

These features and functionalities include basic website structure, home page and internal page layouts, and image and text placement.

That’s not to say that a given pre-built website will satisfy every client’s needs.

For example: You’re building an online surf shop for a client. Be Surfing fills the bill, with one exception. Your client wants to have a carousel on the home page to promote recent blog posts. 

The Live Builder takes care of that problem by enabling you to add a new section (in this case the carousel section) by using an existing pre-built section or creating it yourself. 

Pre-designed sections aren’t new to page builders, but when they are included, as is the case with the Live Builder, you won’t waste time searching for a section that matches your site or having to strip out existing designs or content to make things fit.

The Live Builder features more than 100 of these pre-built sections for you to choose from. They are nicely organized into “Call to Action”, “Contact”, and other practical categories. 

Since these pre-built section templates more closely resemble wireframes than fully designed sections, they can easily be repurposed to fit in with any type or style of website you might happen to be working on.

3. The Live Builder’s adeptly-organized toolbars make customizing sites a simple task

A shortcoming amongst most of the visually editing page builders is that their toolbars don’t always gives users a clear insight as to what their functions actually are. This can cause the web designer to have to search for ways to find which settings they need to configure.

The Live Builder avoids this problem. Any time a new element is added, or one is selected for editing, a custom toolbar appears on the left of the screen:

Every available setting for that particular element is displayed on the toolbar. You don’t have to waste time trying to figure out where the settings you need to access are located. Everything is in one place and right in front of you. 

The Live Editor’s admin tool bar is equally well organized and, like the information in the settings toolbar, the most frequently used admin actions are located in one place on the left of the screen. 

The Live Builder makes is so easy to get around. The admin action you need to invoke, whether its Save, Undo, Return to WordPress, or something else, you won’t find your self having to dig through layers of information before you can take the desired action.

4. Live Builder’s Autosave and backup tools come in handy for maintaining version control

Among the actions that you can access from the admin toolbar are four different save tools, which combine with the standard Publish and Update tools to establish and maintain version control.  

These save features consist of: 

  • Autosave, that every five minutes makes a copy of the page you are working on
  • Updates, that stores copies of a page when you hit the “Update” button
  • Revision, which enables you to save special versions of the page
  • Backup, that stores copies of a page prior to restoring an older one

This feature makes it easy to create an historical record of the building of a page, automatically manage backups, and take you back to a preferred version with a single click. Put another way, it can shorten your website building workflows dramatically.

5. Lightweight editor for fast editing

It can be frustrating indeed when editing becomes a ponderous process because of the time it can take for a page builder to load. When you’re designing and/or editing multiple pages, and taking into account multiple revisions, you get the feeling that you could compose a symphonic work during the wait time you have to put up with. 

The Live Editor is so super lightweight that you barely have time to catch your breath before your work is right in front of you and ready to be acted on.

The 12-second clip you see here illustrates how quickly the Muffin page builder loads in real time: 

According to BeTheme developers, the Live Builder is 60% faster than its previous version. Of even greater importance is that the Live Builder, when stacked up against other premium WordPress page builders, does not keep you in suspense when you try to open a page.

Faster is better, but how fast, in terms of page loading speed, can be crucial.

The Core Web Vitals tool comes in handy for checking a website’s ranking factors, one of which is loading speed. The BeTheme team used this tool to compare the loading speed of a Be Mechanic website built with Elementor compared to the same website built with the Muffin Live Builder.

This is what they found for the Elementor-built site: 

The page with the largest byte content took 6.116 seconds to load. 

The team compared that with the same page on the Live Builder site:

It took only 1.232 seconds to load.

Google knows that when a page takes more than three seconds to load, visitors start leaving in droves to look for a site that might have something better to offer. 

That is why having a lightweight page builder capable of creating a speedier and more pleasant experience for your visitors is so very important.

Will you be choosing the new Muffin Live Builder for your next website building projects?

Between its intuitive design, easily accessible features and settings, and fast loading, the Muffin Live visual page builder can be a WordPress web designer’s best friend.  

As this sampling of rave reviews is quick to point out:

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Don’t forget that the Muffin Live Builder is only one part of a powerful WordPress toolkit that features:

  • 600+ customizable pre-built websites
  • 100+ pre-built sections,
  • 60+ elements
  • bundled premium plugins

and a host of other features at your fingertips for building websites that other web designers can only dream of.

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