Inspirational Websites Roundup #26

Get updated on the latest trends in web design with this new collection of super creative websites.

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Here is a fresh collection of the most interesting web designs we’ve stumbled upon in the past couple of weeks! From strong colors to big uppercase titles — there’s lots of old and new trends to discover in the current web design landscape and draw inspiration from.

Please enjoy and thanks for checking by!

Richard Sancho


Red and Green

Mouthwash Studio

Dreamer Mode

Paul & Henriette

Robert Mayer


Johannes Kempe


UNL Studios

Accueil – delpire & co – NEUF

Details of war

Lolly Lolly

Tyler McGillivary


Zorba Group



Gabriel Cuallado

Anagram Club

We Are Digital Freelancers


Steven Taylor

The Field

Kazuki Noda

Colors Combinations

Hélène Blanck

Eco Blade

K72 Agency

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