9 Awesome Multipurpose WordPress Themes To Use in Your Projects

Finding the right multipurpose WordPress theme that best suits your needs is not an easy task. Here are 9 high-quality themes to get you started.

A multipurpose wordpress theme is a theme that gives you the flexibility to create virtually any type or style of website you can think of. Choosing a great multipurpose wordpress theme makes good sense for several reasons.

  • Because you can use a single theme across multiple projects, you don’t have to spend the added time and expense associated with having to familiarize yourself with multiple themes to manage multiple projects.
  • Top-rated multipurpose WordPress themes typically feature all the tools you’ll likely need, and powerful ones at that.
  • Top-selling multipurpose themes like those presented in this article can always be counted upon to provide excellent user support.

If you only intend to create one or two websites, a multipurpose theme should still serve you well. You may however want to look more closely at any that claim to have particular strengths in the type of website you are interested in. For example, a portfolio site or an eCommerce site.

1. Total WordPress Theme 

Total gives you plenty of reasons to invest in a multipurpose WordPress theme, among them ease of use, lots of flexibility, powerful design tools, and 5-star customer support.

  • Total’s 40+ pre-made demos will get your website-building project off to a quick start. They can be imported with a single click and tweaked to fit your needs.
  • The customized and extended WPBakery page builder together with 100+ page-building modules makes creating page after page super easy.
  • Use Total’s 500+ live customizer styling settings to change colors, widths, typography, and other features to suit your needs.
  • Take advantage of Total’s Dynamic Template Function and unique Post Cards functionality to create custom dynamic templates for post types.

Although Total was designed with web design perfectionists in mind, if you need to get your site up and running quickly, it is still the right choice for you. Although Total is packed with features, it will never slow you down.

Click on the banner and see for yourself what Total’s 47,000+ users have already discovered.

2. BeTheme

Couple the popular WordPress platform with BeTheme, the biggest multipurpose WordPress theme of them all, and you’re ready to build any website you can visualize.  

With Be’s core features at your fingertips it doesn’t matter if you are building your first website or you’re an established pro catering to a large, diverse, and very demanding clientele. You’re good to go.

For example:

  • Flexibility – Be’s 40+ powerful core features provide you with the design options you need to create exactly what you want
  • Customizability – Be’s awesome library of 600+ customizable pre-built websites cover 30 industry sectors and every popular website type and style
  • Ease of use – the Muffin Builder page builder, Admin Panel, and shortcodes eliminate any need for coding
  • Everything else – colors, fonts, header, footer, and grid options, a layout generator, special effects, etc., etc.

Click on the banner to explore Be’s 40+ core features in detail.

3. Kalium — Creative multipurpose theme for WordPress & WooCommerce

This multipurpose theme offers a fast and easy way to build whatever type and style of website you choose, and showcase it the way you always wanted. It can be as easy as picking a full-page pre-made demo you would like it to resemble, import it, and get started.

To help you along, you’ll have the following at your fingertips:

  • The drag and drop website builder, Revolution Slider, and Layer Slider premium plugins are included, plus Kalium is Elementor, WPBakery and very WooCommerce friendly.
  • A powerful header builder, a font management library, and shortcodes for everything
  • Layout options for portfolios and blogs
  • Kalium is also responsive, GDPR compliant, and offers top-of-the-line customer support
  • Super-fast theme and optimised for the latest features that WordPress offers. 

The highest rated premium theme on the market, Kalium is trusted by more than 38,000 clients and offers its users top-notch support.

4. Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

With this pixel-perfect multipurpose theme with 85.000 total sales you can build one responsive smooth and sleek high-performance website after another.

  • Uncode’s advanced grid system’s dozens of options enable you to create virtually any layout and introduces the ultimate WooCommerce shopping experience
  • Blog and portfolio website building are two of Uncode’s strongpoints along with its powerful frontend editor and array of templates and design concepts.

You can find out more about what Uncode can do by viewing its showcase of user-built websites.

5. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem, a ThemeForest best-seller with 50,000+ users is great for everything from business websites and shops to portfolio, blog, and magazine websites.

Features include: 

  • 400+ beautiful and easily editable and customizable pre-built websites and templates
  • TheGemBlocks: 300+ pre-designed section templates
  • A valuable selection of WooCommerce shop-building templates
  • A Swiss Army knife of website building tools

Plus, the 5-star support you would expect from a premium theme.

6. Avada Theme

Avada is not just a top seller, it’s the #1 selling theme of all time with its more than 450,000 users.

Avada gives you:

  • Total access to all the popular WordPress plugins
  • $200+ worth of website building tools
  • 40+ one-click demos to get your projects off to a fast start

This popular multipurpose theme is totally responsive, it has been optimized for speed, it is WooCommerce compatible, and its user support is exceptional. 

7. Brisk – Multi-Purpose Elementor WordPress Theme

Getting a website up and running with Brisk is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Start with a template
  2. Using Elementor as your editor, build your site visually
  3. Use Brisk’s interactive design tools and its ton of customization options to customize anything and everything needed to build the fully-functional website of your dreams

Brisk is Gutenberg and WooCommerce ready.

8. Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

Pofo will be an excellent choice if creating one or more portfolio websites is in your plans. Pofo is also a powerful tool for building blog or eCommerce sites.

Features include:

  • Bundled premium plugins including WPBakery and Slider Revolution
  • 200+ demo pages, 25 home pages, and 150 pre-built elements

This multipurpose theme is crazy fast, highly flexible, well documented, and gives its users excellent support.

9. Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hongo is a recent multipurpose theme arrival, and as such it does not yet have sales figures to match the other themes described here. Nevertheless, it has created quite a stir in the web design world with its:

  • 12 ready store demos, 200+ creative elements, and 250+ templates
  • Premium features like quick view, product compare, catalog mode, and product videos

Hongo is especially recommended for creating WooCommerce stores, company website, and blogging sites.

WordPress users have plenty of choices and decisions to make as they go about their business. One of the most important is choosing a good multipurpose WordPress theme.

Best multipurpose WordPress themes take a lot of time to design and deliver. They have to be extremely flexible, yet easy to work with. They also have to be dependable and kept up to date. The 9 themes described here more than meet those criteria.

Finding the one that would best suit your needs may take some careful thought, but the good news is that there’s not a bad choice in the bunch. That said, happy hunting!

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