Inspirational Websites Roundup #24

A fresh collection of hand-picked websites with interesting and outstanding designs to get you updated on the current trends.

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It’s always such a pleasure to make these roundups of wonderful designs. It gives a glimpse into what the current trends are and what could be the next cool thing when it comes to colors, layout and typography.

This past month some amazing design were unleashed upon the web, reflecting the immense diversity of ideas. It’s exciting to see new shapes being used enhancing individual layouts. Expressive typography is becoming more prominent and is used to define the mood and character of each design.

I really hope you enjoy this roundup and find it inspirational!

Jonathan Alpmyr

Hanai World


Gunnar Freyr

François-Xavier Manceau

Cosmic Collusion

Marcus Eriksson



Descente Allterrain


Allies for Talents and Brands


Mars Rouge

Bridge Tour

Lamanna – Bakery

Château Boll



The Hiring Chain

Garoa Skincare

Garet Font

Fabio Formato

Fat Free

Le chef d’orchestre du corps


Brandon Tyson


Mank the Unmaking

école supérieure de mode

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