Diagonal Slideshow

A slideshow with a “diagonal” look and three visible slides. A decorative background element expands to fullscreen when opening the content preview.

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Continuing with our exploration of slideshow ideas, we’d like to share another slideshow layout with you. This time we have a diagonal type of look where the current slide is in the center of the page and the previous and next images can be seen laterally, one in the top left corner and one in the bottom right corner of the page. When clicking on the current slide, the decorative background element expands to fullscreen, the image moves to the left side of the screen and the content animates in. The animations are powered by TweenMax.

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Attention: Note that we use modern CSS properties that might not be supported in older browsers.

The slideshow with the three visible slides looks as follows:


When open, the content preview looks as follows:

When we navigate, everything moves diagonally. We also have a subtle hover effect on the current slide. When clicking on the current slide, the deco element expands to fullscreen, the image moves to the left and the content appears.


We hope you like this slideshow and find it useful!

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