Freebie: “” UI Kit + Landing Page Design (Sketch)

A versatile landing page UI kit designed in Sketch with thoughtfully crafted website elements that will take your website project to the next level.

Today we are very happy to introduce you to – a beautiful landing page UI kit designed in Sketch, yours absolutely free. makes designing a component based landing page simple with its intuitive and thoughtfully crafted design, featuring elements such as:

  • Fullscreen/modular hero image section
  • Filled, stroked and ghost styled buttons
  • Intro section with device showcase (device available as free download below)
  • Video player
  • Pricing table
  • Testimonial slider
  • News/blog section with featured article
  • Sign up/login section
  • Profile card
  • Social profile card
  • Analytics card
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Light and dark style header
  • Light and dark style footer

The possibilities are endless with Included in this freebie is a beautifully crafted landing page to help guide your design, fully customizable in Sketch. Take your product landing page, or portfolio to the next level with


Have a look at all of’s UI kit elements:


View the real pixels preview of the UI Kit.

…and the exclusive landing page design made with


View the real pixels preview of the landing page.

Free resources used in the design

Download for free:

You can download the ZIP file of the template and the design file here:

The license for is the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License with the restriction that you can’t redistribute/sell it as-is or create a template out of it and sell it. You are of course free to use it for commercial client work.

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

If you’d like to contribute and publish your freebie on Codrops just drop us a line.

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Peter Finlan

Peter's a UX lead @ Google. Crafting memorable, emotive and engaging experiences through research, testing and data science.

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  1. Nice work. With regards to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License:- “the restriction that you can’t redistribute/sell it as-is or create a template out of it and sell it” – would it be ok to create a template from this and release for free?


    • Hi Simon

      Sure, that would be fine and within the boundary of the licence, because you’re releasing it for free. So by all means, go for it.

      The limitations are you cannot redistribute the design files on another website or marketplace (free or paid), sell the design files, or create a template (of any kind) and then sell this template.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. The file ‘LandioUIKit_PeterFinlan.sketch’ won’t open with any unzip compression ‘exe’, even changing termination ‘.sketch’.
    Any possible help?

  3. Hi

    I suggest that Codrops make a tutorial about converting sketch file to ( HTML, CSS and JS ) with file.

    Nice Work

  4. Hello! Thanks for the freebie and congratulations on the job. Unfortunately I’m a Windows user, and there’s no Sketch for PC. Thank you too, @Simon, for dropping the line of Avocode, to open .sketch files on Windows. I’m gonna check it out. 🙂 Best wishes to all of you.

  5. Hello! Just passing by to say that, it seems that the Avocode Windows app can’t open .sketch files, it asks you to install the Sketch plugin, which you’ll be unable to if you’re not on a Mac. Unfortunately. Maybe I’ll this freebie just based on the jpeg files. 🙂 Hugs to all!

    • Hey Giovanni,

      I’m sorry for the troubles you’re having. Yes, this is one of the fallbacks with using Sketch (platform issues). Fingers crossed soon in the future Sketch is available for PC too.

      Until then, all the best 🙂

  6. As a Photoshop + Illustrator user, I would like to know if it is possible to open sketch files in Illustrator or Photoshop?
    The other way around it works, but I’m really curious if this is somehow possible with Adope Apps 🙂

  7. Hi there. Im on a Mac, I have Sketch 2 installed. I open this .sketch file and get an empty canvas 🙁 is this file Sketch 3 only or is something else missing?

  8. Hello Peter Finlan, thanks for this amazing work. i loved it, but i can’t open sketch files because i haven’t a Mac.
    Could you please export this file to a zip file or something like that?, then we will use this awesome for our projects.
    again, thanks a million!!

  9. Can I make websites using this template (modified of course) and sell them? I won’t be using the design files, only the structure.

  10. Hey, would someone mind zipping the html/css/js files since lots of people here don’t have macs. Thanks!

  11. Hi,
    Thank you for the design.
    I can’t open it using Sketch 3.7 or Sketch 3.7 Beta

    Can you communication version ? or update file in new version?

    Best regards,