Freebie: “Halcyon Days” One Page Website Template

A creative one page portfolio template exclusively made for Codrops readers by Peter Finlan. It's especially fitting for a portfolio or start-up website.

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Today we are happy to share a creative one page portfolio template with you.

Halcyon Days is a modern and stylish HTML5/CSS3 template with a pixel-perfect design and smooth effects. It’s especially fitting for a portfolio or start-up website, but it’s also very versatile and can be used for many other projects.

About the template

The responsive template is made with the latest web technologies and it’s build with Bootstrap, jQuery FlexSlider, Smooth Scroll, jQuery Waypoints and Animate.css.



Check out the demo of the template here: Halcyon Days Live Preview

Download the template for free:

You can download the ZIP file here:

Use it freely but please don’t republish or redistribute the template.

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

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Peter Finlan

Peter's a UX lead @ Google. Crafting memorable, emotive and engaging experiences through research, testing and data science.

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  1. Hey, I’m French

    Great template πŸ™‚

    But I can not use light box 2 for the portfolio . it’s possible to have an update of this template because I am not an expert on code… :/

    Thks πŸ™‚

    • Hi I think its a good template to,

      I didn’t develop this template however, if nobody has come along to help, I can. I’ve used lightbox quite alot.

      send me a reply with the issue and I will happly help


    • Hi Thibault, what problems are you experiencing when trying to implement lightbox2? Have you tried using FancyBox? There are many other free lightboxes you can use with this template. Feel free to email me if you are stuck. Cheers.

    • Hey Jake, Peter,

      I would like to use the lightbox pluging , but I can not. it does not work..



  2. Is there a way to integrate this into I’ve tried using barebones temps to pull the assets into it but havent quite navigating down my noob web-dev techniques.

    • Hi Ben

      The template could easily be converted to a WordPress theme by a WP Developer. There are plenty out there, just have to find a good one πŸ™‚ Feel free to have the theme converted if it’s what you’d like to do.


  3. Hey Peter! Beautiful simple layout and concept. So much so I have been trying to implement this into my wordpress(.com) yet have been having trouble figuring things out (using barebone temps to pull your content into). Have you done anything like this? Have you already created a WP-ready theme for Halcyon? -Ben the webdev noob

  4. Hi, I love this template, but I dont like the menu because it’s too complicated for the audience that I would like to reach. Can anyone help me implement a simple menu?

  5. Hello,

    Great site, thanks. But is anyone else having issues embedding Vimeo videos to the site? It just comes up as a link on mine.

    • Hi David,

      I have similar problems embedding Vimeo videos. Only in the combination Mac/Safari in the full screen modus it seems that the left and right third of the screen were cut off.
      Is this problem well known and any idea to solve the problem?

    • Hi David and Werner – feel free to email me directly, including screen shots and code snippets of your issues and I will take a look in more details.

  6. Thank you very much for this wonderful template. There is only one thing:
    when I minimize the screen, a horizontral bar appears. Is there a possibility to avoid this?

  7. Thanks a million for sharing this awesome template for free Peter. Developers like you are the ones who have kept open source idea running.
    And Tobias, thanks a ton for sharing the links to get the free avatars.

    • No problem Darshan – I’m glad you are enjoying the freebies πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Peter,

    Can I convert this to WP and distribute for free (with your credit of course)

  9. Thanks its nice template and giving out for free, template is clean and easy to use with soft navigation. Can we use this template in commercial project also ?

  10. The social buttons at the bottom of the page are only visible on an iPad/iPhone. They are not visible on desktop. Is there a way to make them visible on desktop too. Thanks.

    • They are visible on Desktop also. If you can’t see them, feel free to email me a screenshot along with your display size/resolution and browser size.

  11. Small question: I tried converting your signup form to a contact form by adding a textarea field. However, text in it isn’t wrapping and stays single-line. I’ve searched far and wide in your code, but cannot seem to find why the content doesn’t wrap as normal. How can I force textarea content to wrap, or have the input text content wrap?

    Thanks for the great theme though, I’ve been looking for a new personal landing page for a long time and this covers everything perfectly.

    • Hey David

      Do you mean the ‘Subscribe’ form? This seems to be wrapping as per expected. It’s possible that in converting this field you’ve accidently removed the styling. If you’re still having issues feel free to email me with snippets of your code and I’ll try to help πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you very much for this splendid piece of work. I have used this for my personal portfolio website and its alive and kicking. Great work Peter!

  13. Hi men, i try to change the color of some objects and that action change all the background of the texts and all i get its a ugly template

  14. thank you so much πŸ™‚ for sharing it for free
    i have no words to say for your work just awesome <3

    • Hey David

      You’re right! I’ll be looking at a few ways to improve the smooth scrolling in my upcoming free template, coming very soon πŸ™‚