Merry Christmas with a Bursting Gift Box

The Codrops team wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! A big “Thank You” from us in form of a little demo with a bursting animated gift box and some flying icons.

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The Codrops team wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! We’ve created a little demo with a little animated gift for you that will burst open and let some icons out 🙂

The idea is from the fabulous Free Icons [gif] by Gimpo Studio (Nick & Oksana), the creators of Small Icons.

The beautiful SVG Christmas Icons used in the demo are from WebAppers and they were designed by the team behind FreePic.

The background image in the demo is from DragonArtz Designs.


A bit about the demo and how we did it: There are two main elements, the gift box and the icon grid which also contains the letter spans of the “Merry Christmas” words. The main idea is to add step classes to the wrapper “merrywrap” that control the animation for the gift box (the wobbling) and the transitions of the icon spans. Each icon is actually an SVG and we’ve used the Google Web font Peralta for the letters.


In step 1 we animate the gift box. The, in step 2, we make the cover and the lower part of the gift box fly away and release the icons which were all translated from a grid to a single point where the box is. The icons get animated outside of the main wrapper and then in step 3, we let them fall down to their original position in the grid. The last step will make them fall, all with different transition delays.

Please note that we did not provide a fallback for this demo, so modern browsers only!


We hope you enjoy this little demo! Merry Christmas, dear readers, and a happy new year from your Codrops team! Thank you for all your support, your feedback and your love <3

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