Juicebox HTML5 Image Gallery Giveaway

Win one of five licenses for Juicebox, the ultimate and modern HTML5 image gallery with mobile support.

Juicebox Giveaway

Juicebox is a responsive HTML5 image gallery that works in all modern browsers and mobile devices. Today you can win one of 5 Juicebox-Pro licenses worth $49 each.

About Juicebox

Juicebox is a fully customizable image gallery built with HTML5 to work on all modern web devices. Juicebox galleries look great out-of-the-box, featuring intuitive image navigation and smart image pre-loading. Juicebox galleries can be easily embedded in any webpage using the provided embed code.


Check out some demos here: Juicebox HTML5 image gallery demos

Juicebox-Pro Gallery features include:

  • Auto-Play Mode
  • Back Button and direct-link support
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Audio playback
  • Full Flickr integration


Juicebox-Pro is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees. Each purchase includes free upgrades within the same major version number. Juicebox-Pro customers get fast, friendly customer support via the support forums and email.

Fully Customizable

Use over 70 configuration options to define gallery appearance and behavior including fonts, colors, layout, button icons and preloaders. For more advanced customization you can modify or create custom themes by modifying theme CSS and images files.

Use the built-in Javascript API to control Juicebox galleries from the embedding page.


Full Mobile Support

Juicebox galleries automatically scale and adapt to work on both large and small screens. Designed and tested to run on iPhone, iPad and Android tablets and phones. Touch device support handles swipe gestures to navigate images and tap to toggle image overlay.



JuiceboxBuilder is a desktop application that allows you to easily build Juicebox galleries; automatically resize images, generate thumbnails and create the required files to upload to your website. Drag and drop images to add them to a gallery and optionally apply watermarking. JuiceboxBuilder allows you to configure and preview over 70 Pro configuration options.

There is also the option of building Juicebox galleries using WordPress, Lightroom, PhotoShop or Picasa via the provided plugins.



Juicebox also comes as a free Lite version for you to try out. The lite version has limited config options and a 50 image limit per gallery. Download it here.


The Prize

You can win one of five Juicebox-Pro Single Licenses worth $49 each.

How to enter

To get a chance to win one of five Juicebox-Pro licenses, simply do the following:

  • Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d like to try Juicebox-Pro.
  • Share this giveaway on a social network of your choice. You can also use this tweet button:

Follow JuiceboxGallery on Twitter.

Good luck to everybody!

This giveaway ended on January 17, 2013, 10 p.m. GMT+0.

The Winners

We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

Congratulations! You will be contacted shortly.

Thank you all for participating!

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  1. hello sir…glad that you are giving this as giveaway..
    so..i need this because I am a new freelancer and I am creating my own portfolio website and wanted to show my done projects in the form of gallery which can be shown using this….that’s all…will be pleased to win this giveaway…:)

  2. As you can see from my site, I need to update my portfolio (done 6 years ago now, been working solidly since so haven’t needed to/had time to update it) so a licence for this would come in very handy…

  3. Great as usual with you guys, as the other ones interested here I’m a designer and give a try to something created for you is a pleasure. Best wishes

  4. It’s great. I would use it for a site that I’m building. It’s a site about sharing running trails information and connecting local and foreign runners. Greetings from Croatia!

  5. I love this ‘giveaway’ option, because juicebox gives the oppertunity to do ‘for dummy’s gallery’s. Sometimes gallery making is so time demanding that you find yourself doing most of the time creating stuff for them and have no time left for the basics. this i think saves a lot of time, for the real work behind the gallery’s, the website it self. JB lets you create a website/gallery/portfolio, and takes lots of work out of your hands πŸ˜€

  6. It would be PERFECT for a website I am working on–which happens to be a non-profit robotics team. There are already lots of photos to feature and juicebox is like the perfect option for me–literary! πŸ˜€

  7. Juicebox Pro will be a perfect fit for displaying images and videos in a overlay-ed style on my blog

  8. The slider looks excellent and who will say when it is HTML5 product. HTML5 is used in almost all computer devices today. I really like to win this juicebox slider.

  9. Great UX design and responsive layout, really want to apply to my upcoming projects and delivery the top-of-line product to please the customers.

  10. As a young experienced web-developer newly graduated from university recently. I would love to get my hands on these professional web app because I need to experience and use it for my future development. Oh, I almost forgot that I am also a fan of photo gallery very much as well.

  11. I’m a mixed media artist and just starting out with my first website… I sure would love something that would effectively display my work for visitors and potential customers. Plus, I just like to try out cool apps πŸ˜€ so I can say “hey check this out! Isn’t it cool!” I’m usually the last one to get those :p hehehe

  12. Man, stuff like this , i dont think neat developers would need this , because they got the guts to create this on their own , and trust me all developers love the feeling when they are able to create anything on their own, but still, since i aint got that expertise in this field but , surely i am working on multiple websites for now , i think giveaways like these will definitely help me learn and make my work easier…..

  13. As a graduate just starting professional coding, it would be a great way to offer easy-to-update photo albums for clients that I wouldn’t have to heavily maintain!

  14. I am a newbie to web designing, just completed my degree and some extra designing coureses. The market is saturdated with great web designers, so competing with them will certainly be difficult.

    Having this image gallery as part of my artillery when designing will certainly help me to improve on my designing. It will also assist in attracting customers when showcasing some of my designs.

  15. I too am a newbie at jquery and I love it. We have designed sites for clients in the past and most of them had flash. I never did love designing in flash, I felt it was cumbersome. Juicebox gives us those creative solutions that our customers are thirsty for. The gallery would go to good use with our environmental customers, retail, education, and of course, for our company. Thank you!