Happy Birthday! 3 Years of Codrops

Happy Birthday, Codrops! We are turning 3 today! We want to thank all of you and share some highlights of the past years.
3 Years Of Codrops

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Today is our 3rd birthday! Yay! Three years ago the first article was released on Codrops (let’s not mention what that was, alright?) and we have been enjoying releasing articles and tutorials ever since. Right now, we have 431 posts and 16,812 comments! We have more than 20,000 awesome followers on Twitter, over 9000 super-cool fans on Facebook and more than 4000 plusses on Google+!

We’ve made a little compilation in the form of a circular slider with some highlights of the past years (tutorials and development posts with demo). Check it out here:

3 Years of Codrops – Some Highlights

A blog would be completely pointless without its readers and we feel really privileged to have such an awesome audience, great fans and incredible supporters! Thank you for being awesome! 🙂

Special Thanks

There are so many people we want to say “thank you” to; some people helped us so tremendously that we’d like to shout out special thanks to them:

… and of course, super special thanks to our awesome writers, guest authors and contributors who helped us grow Codrops:

If you’d like to join this list of awesome contributors then contact us! We are constantly searching for great authors, innovative & creative minds and bold thinkers, designers and web developers.

Our plans for the future? Rock on! Make more creative web stuff and push the limits of web technologies and offer a broader spectrum of topics. Give us your feedback, we’d love to hear what you’d like to see on Codrops in the future.

We’ve received so many supportive emails and messages. People saying how they love our work and how it inspires them. We are extremely sorry if we sometimes cannot reply to all of you, we want you to know that it means a lot to us, that every email, contact form submission, tweet and message gets read and appreciated, they make it all worthwhile, THANK YOU, we love you!

Don’t forget to check out the circular slider compilation of some of our highlights:

3 Years of Codrops – Some Highlights

3 Years Of Codrops - Some Highlights

You can also download the source files of the slider.

With love,
your Codrops team

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  1. Congratulations Codrops team!
    imagination and creativity that inspires me today is because of you, because your work and dedication motivation remains for the future of this new generation of creative! Total Thanks!

  2. Congrats Codrops! Truly one of the best sources for digital design. Hope to see you guys stick around for a long time! Keep up the great work.

  3. Happy Birthday Codrops!! You guys are still my FAVORITE email newsletter!! Keep up the great work guys.

  4. Thank you all so very much for your birthday wishes! We really appreciate it! Hope you all have a great week and all the best from the Codrops team!! Cheers, ML

  5. Heart Congrats… Codrops is a great source to get inspired and to learn a lot. I am a big fan of Codrops. Luv U. Thank you very much.