Awwwards: The Best 365 Websites Around the World 2011 Book Giveaway

Win one of 10 digital copies of “The Best 365 Websites Around the World 2011” book by Awwwards

Awwwards Book Giveaway

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In this giveaway you can win one of 10 digital copies of “The Best 365 Websites Around the World 2011” book by Awwwards!

Who is Awwwards?

Awwwards recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world. An international jury made up of some of the most important designers, bloggers and Internet agencies evaluate each site by means of a strict system of evaluation, scoring it on a scale of 1 to 10 for its Design, Creativity, Usability and Content.

Our goal is to create a meeting point where web developers, designers and agencies across the world can share experiences, inspiration and knowledge: A community that bids for a more accessible, usable and beautiful Internet.

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Awwwards has released The Best 365 Websites Around the World 2011 book and we’ve teamed up with Codrops to give away 10 digital copies.


How to win

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post. Be original!

Good Luck!

This giveaway ended on April 27, 2012 at 6 p.m. GMT+0.

The Winners

We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly!

Thank you all for participating!

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  1. Thats the 1st website I open each day before I start my work.
    Believe it or not currently my biggest dream is to design / develop a website which gets featured on awwwards !
    And I bet next awwwards book will definitely have my name imprinted in it somewhere.. !
    Get me the book ! help me to get 1 step closer to my dreams!

  2. Eternal Love Giveaway

    How to win

    All you have to do to win is leave a book on on my e-mail adress. Be original!

    Good Luck!

    This offer will expire on April 27, 2012 at 6 p.m. GMT+0.

  3. This site is onde of my favorites, and I learned so much in here.
    I can only say: Thank-you! And congrats on the beautiful website.


  4. Since Flash site is vanishing, I’ve been looking around some sites that can help me to gain knowledge with HTML5, jQuery and CSS3. I found it all here in where I can download source file for free and learn some tutorials from magnificent Authors. Im so proud of you guys. If I could be lucky to have this The Best 365 Websites Around the World 2011 book would be a drop from heaven for me. Imagine all greatest websites from 2011? WOW! MAMAMIA!

  5. I love anything that helps inspire me when making websites. This would be a great thing to win!

  6. I’m just amazed how these websites can get into this book and I would like to learn more from them on how to built a website!

  7. In the bathroom leaking tap
    Girlfriend’s getting really fat
    I’d go out but have no cash
    Spider caused some itchy rash
    Bitchy naigbour drills all day
    Landlord asks for me to pay
    And my dog just spilled my wine
    But I’m OK coz book is mine!!


  8. This was epic! I really wanted this. All greatest websites in a book! Make it a world lot easier to find for inspirations – only a flip away!

  9. A Must Have!! For those looking for inspiration in web design & web development… Like I do πŸ˜‰ good luck 2 everyone!

  10. I did not know that such book was published before. Look like a good idea.
    Regarding the giveaway, sounds nice, i want to look how can i create a state of the art website, that can get credits for design and UI. I know that basically this is what everyone here is asking for. In my country, technology has now a new start and focus, but we still are a small one, and things are not cheap for us.

    So, lets hope that the best one win this, otherwise i will need a way to buy this book πŸ™‚

    Best regards

  11. Conhecimento Γ© novas ideias, ideias gerando ideias.
    Knowledge is new ideas, generating ideas ideias.

    Muito bom o site.
    Very good site.

  12. Dudes, 16 pages of nonriginality.

    Here is why i need this book:

    A certain mr Yeng send me an email last week saying he had my grand grand grand fathers money ($1.873.231) in a trust fund that needed to be transferred to my name. I was like amazing i no longer need to create websites i’m a gazillionaire. So i replied to this mr Yeng that I was more then happy to send i’m my hard saved 10.000 euro from building websites so he could transfer the funds. So far i haven’t heard from him yet and my 10k is now gone I really thought this Chinese lawyer was honest, he even gave me instructions on how to transfer the money (SO NICE!!). I have no more inspiration left in my body to create another website so therefore i need a book of wisdom. Not a brown or green book as there are no CSS tricks in those. thanks for your recognition.

    A lost soul….

  13. I hope I win this book. It might be worth something someday…the last edition without one of my sites inside.

  14. I think reading this will make us more in love with the web development than in wait for the love itself!

  15. I was looking for some fresh designs for many days. After visiting this site i have many designs in my mind now. Thanks a ton πŸ™‚

  16. ‘Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.’
    – Tom Krause

    ‘Shameless pleading in the effort to win an awesome book – and desperately try to get the attention of the judges to rise above the mass of other shameless pleaders – now that is true courage.’
    – Greg, Piccante Web Design

  17. If we ever dream about something bigger as sky, then it will be “to get all of our web sites to win that precious AWWWARDS badge”, seriously mad about designing, yeah!! Awwwards rocks

  18. Hi, this is really a great opportunity for someone like me to get inspiration from such web articles and book, you guys doing a great job by providing us the best web-articles. I found some best javascript/jQuery, css tutorials from your website.
    And if i win, this book help me to explore more of creativity,


  19. Hi,

    Would love to win this book, as someone who is interested in Technology and the web, it would be interesting to see different design and developments from various designers and developers around the world.