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The Meeting

We must never forget that the world is, in the first place, a subjective phenomenon.

Our former considerations, and the observation of the concrete case especially, show us that the important subjective condition is the regression.

The impressions we receive from these happenings are also our own doing. It is not the case that the impressions are forced on us unconditionally, but our disposition gives the value to the impressions.

Unconscious Phantasy

Every case is theoretically inexhaustible.

The simplest way to come to an understanding of this important event would be by making an exact inquiry into the circumstances of the moment.

The first thing I did was to question the patient about the society in which she had been at that time, and as to what was the farewell gathering to which she had been just before. She had been at a farewell supper, given in honor of her best friend, who was going to a foreign health-resort for a nervous illness.

The Conception of Transference

Both tendencies have their own previous psychological story.

Analysis must be a biological method, that is, a method which tries to connect the highest subjective well-being with the most valuable biological activity.

The best result for a person who passes through analysis, is that he becomes at the end what he really is, in harmony with himself, neither bad nor good, but an ordinary human being.