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Web Streams * Sampulator * Loud Links * Plug.js * CSS Protips * Viewer.js * Passweird * Noun Project for Mac



A lightweight 3D CSS library that will make it easy to create 3D scenes and animate them.

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Loud links

A compact JavaScript library for adding interaction sounds to a website. Made by Mahdi Al-Farra

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Fibon Sans (Regular)

A clean and very readable geometric font family designed by Valerio Dell’Edera. The regular style is free.

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Plug.js is a lightweight JavaScript dependency injection and object life-cycle management library. The purpose of Plug.js is to provide a flexible way to connect modules and share data between them without requiring a hard dependency on a framework or a steep learning curve.

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Free Font: Pacha

A very artistic display typeface inspired by the ancient cultures of Latin America. Made by the Sumotype Foundry.

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If you haven't stumbled across it yet: an image viewer/gallery in JavaScript with lots of useful options made by Fengyuan Chen.

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