Draggable Dual-View Slideshow

An experimental slideshow that is draggable and has two views: fullscreen and small carousel. In fullscreen view, a related content area can be viewed.


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Today we’d like to share an experimental slideshow with you. The idea is based on the great navigation concept from the Wild website where one can view the projects in either fullscreen or in a carousel mode. There are different techniques that would allow for such a layout; we tried to re-create this slideshow concept by using the Dragdealer.js library and 3D transforms. The main idea is to translate the slider on the Z axis, allowing it to be either fullscreen or of a smaller carousel size. By switching the actual size of the slideshow and removing the transforms when they are not needed anymore, we allow the slideshow to have a “real” size (i.e. 25% of the window). For the content part, we slide everything up and reveal a scrollable area.

Please note that this slideshow is highly experimental and only works properly in modern browsers.

The images used in the demo are from Unsplash.com.

When the slideshow is loaded, we show some info initially, that shows which interaction possibilities exist:

The main view of the slideshow is the fullscreen one. This is the only view shown for mobile:

When clicking on the arrow button, the content will be revealed in a sliding transition:

When clicking on the button for the view switch, the slideshow will be “zoomed out” to a smaller version:

Please note that at the time of release, Firefox (30.0, Mac & Windows) was the worst performing browser with issues around using 3D transforms, animations and transitions. Although we tried to fix all issues, some effects might not work properly.

We hope you enjoy this experiment and find it inspiring!

View demo Download source


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Mary Lou (Manoela Ilic) is a freelance web designer and developer with a passion for interaction design. She studied Cognitive Science and Computational Logic and has a weakness for the smell of freshly ground peppercorns.

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Feedback 68

  1. 1

    First off, what a great slider, it’s really great.

    I have a few problems:

    1. It crashes on iPad (Mini Retina) in multiple browsers (Chrome and Safari), while it works on iPhone (5) and I don’t know how to fix this.

    2. I have the slider in an iframe because I wanted to have my own navigation menu above it. This causes double vertical scrollbars, I fixed this by setting body{ overflow-y: hidden;} which works fine on OS X in Chrome and Firefox but I can’t scroll at all in Safari.

    Anyone has solutions for this?

    *I haven’t tested it on Windows or Android yet.

    • 2

      Hi I got the same issue on iPad, always crash on the first slide, have you got any clue so far? Thanks,

  2. 3

    Hi, great demo Mary Lou!
    I just trying to understand if is it possible to associate the click of the scroll-down to show the contents with the opening of a new page, but keeping that beautiful effect. Make seo-friendly this demo :)

    Someone think is possible?

  3. 6

    Nice job!

    But the slider has a problem, when lenght slider has a one slide. Then .js remove ‘current’ class and nothing more. You must modified dragslideshow.js function call
    ‘DragSlideshow.prototype._navigate = function( x, y ) {‘

    and add
    ‘if( this.slides.length > 1 ) {‘
    then rest of function body.

    Do it next version!

  4. 8

    Hello everyone,

    First, Thanks to Mary Lou for this awesome plugin !!!

    BUT I have an issue with this plugin :(
    I’m using some javascript to fire animation (with waypoints), to scroll top or to start parallax.
    Those scripts work fine on all page except on my slideshow page.

    I’m developing with Firebug to check javascript errors, but there are nothing.
    I think there is maybe a conflict with jquery (because slideshow doenst use it).

    So I made some test and something is really weird.
    With modernizr when you load a page, it adds some html classes (like js csstransition).
    If I delete those classes my waypoint script works !
    If I delete slideshow function, my waypoint script works too.
    But I can’t get both working ….

    I did another test by using downloaded folder from this tutoriel. I added some scripts and I have the same issue.
    Only slideshow seems fireing.

    Any idea ? :(

  5. 12

    great tutorial and you were very nice to share it with us.
    I’m not a developer so It’s not so easy for me customize the slideshow.

    I’m starting with a simple question: how is it possible to stop the slideshow and then add a button to start the slideshow again?

  6. 14

    Hi, i’m having a problem that i can’t fix.
    I wanted to put some arrows for navigation and i id the images and when you hit the arrow it really change but it don’t assume the data content in the page. It show the backrgound with no text..

    Can anyone help me ?

    Thanks, and great job with the design :)
    P.S: Sorry for the bad english

  7. 15


    first of all, great and awesome code!

    If i want change animation passing from a slide to the next how can i do this? there are some options? how can i manipulate plugin for do that?

    Thanks in advance for tips!

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