The human world is exploding at the seams. Human creativity and the implementation of human inventions and technology is now at an accelerated fever pitch like nothing ever before seen in the history of the world. Well, where is it leading, and how does one integrate this stuff into one’s own life? What does it mean about the experience of being human? I have proposed the existence of an invisible, permeating Something that is throughout all being, all time, all space, all bodies, all thought, which I call Novelty; and the interesting thing about novelty is that it’s increasing constantly.

endless acceleration toward infinity

the greatest barrier to your enlightenment

The conservation of novelty is simply that, over time, the universe has become more complicated. New levels of complexity become the foundations for yet deeper levels of complexity. And this phenomenon of the production and conservation of what I call novelty is not something which goes on only in the biological domain or only in the cultural domain or only in the domain of physics. It is a trans-categorical impulse in reality, meaning: it’s everywhere. Everywhere!

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