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On-Scroll Filter Effect Based on this demo by Fabio Ottaviani

Scroll moderately to fully experience the animations
Foot Print

As darkness cloaked the forsaken city, the crew huddled together, their eyes darting nervously into the murky abyss.

Storm Born

The skies above were tinged with an otherworldly hue, casting an eerie glow on the jagged rock formations below.

Hind Sight

The Forbidden Planet was not merely an ancient world lost to timeā€”it was a prison, a gateway to realms beyond their understanding. They had unwittingly set loose a force that threatened not only their lives but the very fabric of the universe itself. The desert planet, a riddle waiting to be unraveled, held its secrets close, leaving the crew with a lingering sense of awe and dread, a constant reminder of their insignificance in the face of an unforgiving universe.

Heart Ache

Sandstorms raged across the barren landscape, their fury obscuring the horizon and leaving a veil of gritty particles that stung the skin. The sun, a distant orb of fiery intensity, cast an unforgiving glare that scorched the unforgiving land.

Night Fall

From the shadows, strange shapes began to emerge, haunting figures that seemed to materialize from the very fabric of the night.

Fire Storm

Visions of a vibrant world, once teeming with life, flickered in her mind's eye, only to be devoured by the relentless sands of time.

Star Light

The desert world had claimed another fragment of history, another chapter buried beneath the sands of oblivion.

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