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Jack Ruthless

Jack Ruthless

Cyber Blue 2011
Gnostic Will 2012
French Kiss 2013
Half Life 2014
Love Boat 2015
Golden Ray 2016
Blame Game 2017
Lone Dust 2018
Lucky Wood 2019
Good Earth 2020
Empty Words 2021
Nonage Line 2009
Blue Hell 2010
Cold Blood 2011
Tulip Heat 2012
Red Wrath 2013
Bold Human 2014
Loyal Royal 2015
Lone Cone 2016
Dutch Green 2017
Valley Hill 2018
Kale Hale 2019
Fake Cake 2020
Book Belly 2021

Lucky Wood

Faith, you're driving me away You do it every day You don't mean it But it hurts like hell 2019

Cyber Blue

My brain says I'm receiving pain A lack of oxygen From my life support My iron lung 2011

Bold Human

We're too young to fall asleep Too cynical to speak We are losing it Can't you tell? 2014

Good Earth

We scratch our eternal itch A twentieth century bitch And we are grateful for Our iron lung 2020

Gnostic Will

The head shrinkers They want everything My Uncle Bill My Belisha beacon 2012

Loyal Royal

The head shrinkers They want everything My Uncle Bill My Belisha beacon 2015

Empty Words

Suck, suck your teenage thumb Toilet trained and dumb When the power runs out We'll just hum 2021

French Kiss

This, this is our new song Just like the last one A total waste of time My iron lung 2013

Lone Cone

And if you're frightened You can be frightened You can be, it's OK 2016

Nonage Line

Lost in the mountain Rust in my brain The air is sacred here In spite of your claim 2009

Half Life

Up on the rooftops Out of reach Trickster is meaningless Trickster is weak 2014

Dutch Green

He's talking out the world Talking out the world 2017

Blue Hell

Hey, hey, hey This is only halfway Hey, hey, hey This is only halfway 2010

Love Boat

I wanted you so bad That I couldn't say All these things fall apart 2015

Valley Hill

We wanted out so bad We couldn't say These things fall apart 2018

Cold Blood

Truant kids A can of brick dust worms Who do not want to climb down from Their chestnut tree 2011

Golden Ray

Long white gloves Police tread carefully Escaped from the zoo The perfect child facsimile is 2016

Kale Hale

Please could you stop the noise? I'm trying to get some rest From all the unborn chicken voices in my head 2019

Tulip Heat

What's that? I may be paranoid, but not an android 2012

Blame Game

When I am king you will be first against the wall With your opinion which is of no consequence at all 2017

Fake Cake

Ambition makes you look pretty ugly Kicking and squealing, Gucci little piggy 2017

Red Wrath

You don't remember, you don't remember Why don't you remember my name? 2013

Lone Dust

Off with his head, man, off with his head, man Why don't you remember my name? I guess he does 2018

Book Belly

Rain down, rain down Come on, rain down on me From a great height From a great height, height 2021